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Dr. Chris Willard


Dr. Christopher Willard (PsyD) is a psychologist and consultant based in Boston.  He has has led hundreds of workshops around the world, with invitations to more than twenty five countries. He has presented at TEDx conferences and his thoughts have appeared in the New York Times, The Washington Post, mindful.org, and elsewhere. He is the author of Child’s Mind (2010) Growing Up Mindful (2016) Alphabreaths (2019) and sixteen other books for parents, professionals and children more than a dozen languages. He teaches at Harvard Medical School.

On the personal side, he enjoys traveling, hiking, cooking, reading and writing, and being a father.  

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This course is wonderful! As a mom, therapist, and entrepreneur, I appreciated that the course is centered around practical application of the ideas and concepts! 
Highly recommend!
Growing Up Mindful Graduate
I have just completed and highly recommend this mindfulness training, a load of the latest up to date research and information with live weekly discussions led by Chris and a clear and fun follow study schedule with loads of laughs and support.
Growing Up Mindful Graduate


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