Join award winner author, psychologist, Harvard Medical school faculty and father, Dr. Christopher Willard in this ten week interactive course. Over the course of our time together, we will explore parenting and caregiving at the intersections of the Buddhist wisdom and contemporary neuroscience, to raise a generation of adults with Buddhist Values that are more relevant than ever to the 21st century.

Bringing Up Boddhisatvas

The science and spirit of Buddhist parenting

10 week live online course with Dr. Chris Willard

In our small cohort, this transformational program will help us uncover our families’ deepest values. We will live these ourselves and share them with our children to grow up more compassionate, caring, mindful and resilient. By the end of the course you’ll have put wisdom into practice, and find yourself in a close community of like-minded caregivers. 

Each week includes a series of short video or audio to watch or listen on your own time, a guided journal with prompts, and a live discussion with other caregivers facilitated by each week Dr. Willard. Small group and dyad activities will help us deepen our parenting practice and connections, while the larger group discussion will support questions and provoke reflection in and change in our parenting.

Explore a different topic from Buddhist values, with the contemporary neuroscience, along with action points to bring your practice “off the cushion.”

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