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I've published twenty books now, some solo, some with friends and colleagues. But these include children's picture books, activity books, clinical manuals, edited volumes, parenting books, texbooks self help books, workbooks, card decks and more, now in more than a dozen languages as well! I also do book coaching. Learn more about my writing course here, or reach out [email protected]

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Books for Adults

How We Go Through What we Go Through

In Case of Anxiety

The Mindfulness Matters Program

Raising Resilience

The Self Compassion Deck

The Mindful Reminders Deck

Teaching Mindfulness to Kids and Teens

Growing Up Mindful

Child's Mind

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Books for Kids

The Life of A Crayon


Alphabreaths Too

Train Your Mind Like a Ninja

The In Between Book

The Breathing Book

Growing Mindful Card Deck

The Growing Happy Card Deck

The Mindfulness Activity Book for Kids

Breathing Makes it Better


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Books for Teens

The Mindfulness Workbook for Self Confidence

The Mindfulness Workbook for Teen Anxiety ed. 2

The Mindfulness Workbook for Teen Depression

The Mindfulness Workbooks for Teen Anxiety ed. 1

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Lesson plans, cards and coloring pages

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